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Preserving health and saving limbs & lives

through state-of-the-art infection control and wound healing technologies

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What is SkinDisc™?

SkinDisc™ represents an evolution in regenerative cellular technology to treat chronic

non-healing wounds. 

SkinDisc™ is a solid but malleable natural matrix combined with host cells and growth factors that are applied to a wound to support and maintain full depth fill during healing.

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SkinDisc™ Benefits:

  • Optimizes the wound environment by providing all the necessary materials to facilitate healing

  • Heals full thickness wounds over bone, ligament & tendon, even in the presence of infection

  • Support of keratinocytes and fibroblasts to promote depth fill & epithelialization

  • Delivered in a single application--“provides everything in one place, at one time”

  • Shorten closure times vs conventional methods and cost effective

  • SkinDisc™ has shown to be a huge improvement as an alternative to NPWT both on length of treatment and cost saving

  • Minimal home health / wound clinic time

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