• Clyraguard Disinfecting Personal Protection Spray
  • FDA Registered
  • Medical Grade
  • No Known Microbial Resistance
  • 100 times less bacteria than hand sanitizer*

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With Covid-19 showing no signs of waning as the winter months approach, wearing a mask is the best way to protect you and your family. While simply wearing a mask in public is a great first step, keeping that mask clean and sterile is equally important. In a perfect world, you would always remember to toss your mask into the wash after each use, but what about when you are on-the-go and the luxury of a fresh mask isn’t available? That’s what Clyraguard was designed for.

Formulated to defend against airborne viruses such as Covid-19, Clyraguard is a personal disinfectant and germicidal spray used to decontaminate PPE––such as face masks and coverings––and will prevent cross-contamination. Hospital-grade and FDA-registered, we have been using this spray on all of our masks.

We were glad to find Clyraguard to be both colorless and odorless, while its eco-friendly, copper-iodine complex created no irritation or discomfort. And with extensive testing proving their formula provides 99.99% antimicrobial efficacy against viruses, bacteria, and fungi––including complete inactivation of Covid-19––applying it to our masks certainly gave us peace of mind during these uncertain times.––Jack Haworth, Men’s Journal Digital Editor.

Source: https://www.mensjournal.com/gear/best-new-gear-coolest-gadgets-week/arlo-essential-wireless-security-camera/

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