The wound and skin care markets are established, yet continually emerging. Technology and innovation provide opportunities for improved patient care and revenue potential. However, this growth does not come without challenges. Finding a technology that is cost effective and efficacious, and that can be incorporated into a variety of products is a difficult task.

CLYRA products may solve many of the concerns that exist with current wound care and related products, and it can be positioned in all segments of healthcare. CLYRA technology has also been shown to be more effective than even the most advanced silver products, including effectiveness against Clostridium Difficle and spores. (Lab data available)

CLYRA Medical Technologies works with leaders in the wound care market, as well as in other medical and healthcare areas. CLYRA technology provides competitive advantages to companies that incorporate this technology into their product line, to more importantly make a difference in patient outcomes, as well as to provide healthcare professionals safe, cost- effective green technologies.


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