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iStock_000017803354_ExtraSmallCLYRA Medical Technologies innovative patent protected chemistry is based on combining organic compounds that create an advanced oxidative reaction. This reaction is effective against a wide range of organisms that cause disease (pathogens). These organisms include viruses, fungi, spores and antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. This is safe and effective bio- compatible green treatment that may also offer an alternative to using antibiotics, while being cost-effective.

CLYRA Medical Technologies products are designed to safely treat wound and skin infections and promote wound healing, while reducing the need for antibiotics. CLYRA products deliver powerful anti-microbial agents as a liquid or dry solution and a hydrogel, with no known microbial resistance. CLYRA products are pH neutral and similar to pH of the human body, and they respond to infection, kill bacteria and promote healing. CLYRA Medical Technologies products are used by wound care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care clinics and home healthcare, as well as by the military and consumers.

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